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5 Highest Peaks in Mauritius

1. Black River Peak - 828 m

Piton de la petite rivière noire

The Black River Peak, also known as Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire is the highest mountain in Mauritius. Hiking to the peak is a relaxing forest walk with only two viewpoints - Piton St. Denis (at 620 m) and the Black River Peak (at 828 m).

District boundary

Piton St. Denis

The trail is accessible from the main road of Plaine Champagne (near the Black River Gorges Viewpoint), in Chamarel, and in the Black River Gorges National Park. The last section towards the summit is the steepest section but there is nothing to worry about as ropes were fixed to give you this final support.

Black River Gorges Viewpoint

Last section

Once you make it to the summit you won't be disappointed by the breathtaking views over the island.

Summit - 828 m

2. Pieter Both - 820 m

The iconic Pieter Both

Pieter Both forms part of the Moka range and is only 8 meters less than Black River Peak, which makes it the 2nd highest mountain on our list. Pieter Both was the first Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies. He died in a shipwreck near Flic-en-Flac on 16th March 1615 and later on, the mountain was named Pieter Both in his memory.

Pieter Both can be climbed from La Laura village

The first successful summiteer of Pieter Both was Claude Peuthé in September 1790, followed by Captain Lloyd and 3 other Lieutenants in September 1832. The "Grand Glacis" and the "Grand Peak" also form part of Pieter Both. Other nearby mountains are Mt. Jacob, Virgin Peak, Cantin Peak, Deux Mamelles and Le Pouce.

Views from Deux Mamelles (east peak)

3. Le Pouce - 814 m

Le Pouce Mountain

Just like Pieter Both, Le Pouce also forms part of the Moka range, making it the longest mountain range on the island. The Moka range includes several lesser known peaks such as Guiby Peak, Berthelot Peak, Junction Peak and Mount Ory.

Le Pouce is accessible either from Moka or Tranquebar (in Port Louis). What is really fascinating here is the unspoiled areas around the mountains and the amazing views over the Moka range and other mountains. Le Pouce remains one of the most famous hikes in Mauritius.

View towards the Moka Range

4. Mt. Cocotte - 780 m

So far, Mount Cocotte has been our shortest hike in Mauritius. Obviously, you will not be disappointed by the spectacular green landscapes over the south and towards Grand Bassin.

Mount Cocotte summit

If you are planning to hike Mount Cocotte we would suggest combining hiking Piton Savanne to make this overall outing more interesting. Both trails are less than 500 m apart. Last but not least, if you are an avid explorer and still want to explore the surrounding areas then you may opt for going to Alexandra Falls or Cascade 500 Pieds.

Piton Savanne

The combination of Mount Cocotte and Piton Savanne remains one of our favorite hiking tours in Mauritius because of the intense and unspoiled green landscapes of the surrounding areas with not too many people around. Enjoy the silence and the healing sound of nature.

Unspoiled green landscapes

5. Corps de Garde - 720 m

Corps de Garde is an isolated mountain in Rose Hill, more precisely in Camp Levieux. If you take a look closely at the foot of the mountain you will notice it has the silhouette of a sleeping person.

Hiking begins here

It can be tiring to hike at midday since most of the track is exposed to the sun... starting early would be a great advantage!

Depending on your objectives in hiking, you may opt for stopping at the summit or further continue until you reach the cliffs. The safest way here (if you decide to go further) is to take the "forest route" instead of walking near the cliffs, which can be dangerous at some point.

Nevertheless the summit of Corps de Garde is a very nice viewpoint to discover the nearby urban landscapes.

Corps de Garde summit

If you need more details about our top-notch hiking tours in Mauritius, feel free to drop us an email: or call us on: +230 5814 8805 (available on WhatsApp). We look forward to having you amongst us for an unforgettable hiking experience in Mauritius.


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