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Rempart Mountain - The Little Matterhorn

Climbing Rempart Mountain was one of the most thrilling experiences I've had in Mauritius! Looking from different angles, the mountain has the silhouette of a gorilla’s head. I named it the "Mini Matterhorn" because it resembles the Matterhorn which is one of the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps.

Rempart Mountain (Montagne Rempart)

Situated near Tamarin village, the mountain forms part of a private territory, more precisely a hunting area. Therefore access is restricted for the general public. Deer stands can be seen all over the area where normally hunters would get a better elevation and vantage point. Since fatal risks are involved in climbing Rempart Mountain, I would not recommend anyone to go for this adventure alone. Standing in front of Rempart Mountain was like living in another world; huge and majestic!

Rempart Mountain ridge

It was indeed a very interesting adventure with some exploration in the woods, a few rock scrambling sections, one crevasse crossing with the help of a hanging bridge and multiple climbs with the help of metallic rope ladders, without which I believe it would not have been possible to climb unless one is well equipped with proper climbing gear.

Hanging bridge

Metallic rope ladder

Metallic rope ladder

Crevasse crossing

This climb is definitely not designed for people having a fear of heights! I decided not to continue towards the summit (stopping at 520m altitude) as the next section involves climbing an approximately 110 degree rock with metal bars fixed to it. The views towards the southwestern part of Mauritius are spectacular! Prominent mountains such as La Tourelle De Tamarin, Le Morne Brabant, Trois Mamelles, Piton Canot and others can be seen from this viewpoint.

Metal bars fixed to the rock

View towards Trois Mamelles

With a gloomy weather accompanied by a gentle rain, the surroundings and the atmosphere were even more mysterious and satisfying.


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