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Our favorite hike in Mauritius

Very often we have been asked: what is our favorite hike in Mauritius? Tricky question indeed, and the answer is quite simple.

Sorry to disappoint you but we don't have any particular hike which comes to mind when this question is being asked.

However, our fine selection of hiking tours are all our favorite, and this is the main reason why they were carefully picked by our certified mountaineer in regards to the level of difficulty, distance covered, altitude gained, risk & quality management, and obviously, the views.

For us, the views are only a "bonus" added to the hike. The genuine Mauritian outdoor experience begins when you focus and enjoy each moment spent hiking in the forests or in the mountains.

Like Kevin has always said in Horazis' IGTVs, our fine selection of hiking tours is to make you discover the intense green and unspoilt nature of the island. Amongst our fine selection, we cannot conclude that hike X is better than hike Y. Both are special and unique (in terms of the atmosphere, the track, the feeling, the views and so on).

Well, this might be or might not be the answer you were looking for. If you need more details about our top-notch hiking tours in Mauritius, feel free to drop us an email: or call us on: +230 5814 8805 (available on WhatsApp). We look forward to having you amongst us for an unforgettable hiking experience in Mauritius.


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