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Client Experience with Horazis - Tony

We took the tour with Kevin. We had previously done the Le Morne Brabante tour with him a couple of days prior, and it had been a great experience, so we thought we would try this more challenging outing. You definitely need a guide to do this. It is not something you undertake hoping to follow a few signs- you NEED somebody to help you through it.

Moreover, we did the hike shortly after a cyclone, so there was some damage to the trail along the way. Kevin's expertise helped solve all of the difficulties we encountered. There are numerous river crossings and some challenges along the way. It was fun and satisfying to make it through this hike, and it simply would not have been possible without Kevin. If you want a truly a stunning outing that will get off the beaten path to see some of the true beauty of Mauritius up close and personal- and without a lot of tourists- you need to do this. Kevin was very encouraging for the challenging bits and rewarded us not only with the views the hike had to offer, but with some of his delicious home-made crepes as well. As with the other trip, he is well familiar with the local flora and fauna, so if you see an interesting bird or if he sees anything unique to the island, he is sure to point it out to you.

Kevin was very genuine, and his company alone contributed to our time in Mauritius. One thing that people don't always mention, but really stood out, is that Kevin is a great photographer. He will take some photos for your with your camera and his own. Whereas other guides will take your picture, cutting your arms or legs out of the picture, Kevin will surprise you by finding just the right composition for the shot. We all take the best photos we can of our trips, but it is nice when you open your e-mail to even better photos than you envisioned. Our highest recommendation for this hike and company.



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Bonne Terre, Vacoas, Mauritius

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